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Athletic Rehabilitation

Miami Sports Rehab

Pinecrest Strength offers a wide variety of the latest and best sports rehabilitation treatments. Our individualized sports physical therapy programs are based on research that has proven which treatments are the most effective for a specific condition to get you back to your sports as fast as possible. .




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Athletic Massage

Massage or Soft Tissue Mobilization is a hands-on technique delivered by our sports physical therapist to the inured athlete’s body. This sports rehabilitation treatment helps to decrease pain, improve circulation, and decrease muscle tension. There are many sports massage techniques including myofascial release, active tissue release, and trigger point therapeutic massage that will help athletes return to their sport.


Joint Therapy

Aggressive joint mobilization is a specific sports rehabilitation treatment whereby the sports physical therapist passively (the patient is relaxed) moves the joints of the athlete’s body in specific directions. The purpose of this sports rehabilitation treatment is to decrease pain and improve and restore joint mobility as quickly and fully as possible.


Sports Exercise

Sports exercise is a controlled physical stress applied to the body to help increase and maximize strength and range of motion. Sports exercise can be performed using machines, free weights and sometimes just good old body weight. Our sports physical therapists are highly specialized in administering the proper “dose” of sport specific exercise to prevent athletes from flare-ups and re-injury. Proper and complete strengthening is a critical aspect of each sports rehabilitation treatment program both in the clinic and in the training room.


Muscle Stretching

Stretching is an important part of almost every sports rehabilitation program because pain stops motion. In order to recover, we must restore an athlete’s motion in order to have 100% recovery. Sport specific stretching occurs when either you or the sports physical therapist applies sustained pressure over a joint to elongate the muscles and tendons around the joint to increase flexibility. Our progressive sports rehabilitation team will help athletes gain maximum flexibility to enhance performance.


Balance Training

Balance Training as a sports rehabilitation technique is highly specialized and high functioning. Sport specific balance disorders are specific to each player, position and sport. The most important aspect of sports rehabilitation balance training is to determine the specific reason for the loss of balance and then to design a progressive physical therapy program to restore balance completely to return to sport without re-injury.


Neuromuscular Training

This type of sports rehabilitation treatment is used very frequently for many conditions and injuries because almost all sports injuries involve loss of muscular control which is regulated by the nerves. This is a highly specialized form of therapeutic exercise and movement re-training that involves retraining of movement, balance, coordination, strength and posture. Athletes must have higher levels of sport specific neuromuscular re-education in order to return to sports participation without re-injury or flare-ups.


Postural Training

Posture training in sports is the position of the body in the athlete’s main starting position(s). Proper athletic posture prepares the body to be in its optimal position for performance and injury prevention. Our skilled sports physical therapists will assess an athlete’s posture and make changes to correct for improper alignment that can place excessive load on muscles and joints to help relive pain and prevent further or future sports injuries due to poor posture.


Weight Training

Weight Training and Lifting Techniques are the way athletes strengthen and condition their bodies for sports. Our sports physical therapists are trained to assess proper lifting and weight training techniques and identify incorrect techniques that lead to poor performance and injury.


Compression Techniques

Compression is a sports rehabilitation treatment technique that uses sequential extremity compression to enhance an athlete’s recovery following a strenuous activity. A sleeve is placed over the injured extremity and pressure is applied to the body part pushing blood toxins such as lactic acid out of the muscles and towards the gut. This type of sports physical therapy treatment can also be used to reduce recent swelling from an injury or surgery.


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